April 29, 2010

Burgundy: A Color of Sophistication

The color Burgundy is a dark, purplish-red color that is a very warm color. Because the color has such a rich hue to it, it is a very popular color with home interior decorators. It isn’t hard to picture a cozy sitting room with burgundy painted walls, adorned with mahogany furniture and an inviting fireplace in the corner. Not only does this room seem to be very cozy and inviting, but it also has a touch of sophistication to it as well. While the color burgundy is a very warm color, it is also a color of formality and sophistication. This feature also makes it a popular color in the fashion industry.

Many dresses, tuxedos and suits are designed with burgundy accents, and some are even entirely burgundy. Burgundy is also a popular color used in weddings. While the bride wears white, a burgundy flower girl dress always makes the child look elegant and grown up. There is just something about the color that has a formal air about it. So, if are redecorating a room in your house, engaged to be married or hosting a formal event and are in need of a warm and sophisticated color, then you should give burgundy a try!

April 26, 2010

Summer Whisperings of Pink and Baby Blue

Pink and Baby Blue are two of the softest colors available. Both of these colors give off a calming and peaceful energy. Baby Blue is a color that closely resembles the color of the sky, which gives it a light and airy feeling. When you gaze at something the color baby blue, you naturally begin to feel a little lighter and maybe even happier. It is one of those colors that naturally soothes, and has a way to make our troubles seem a thousand miles away. The color Pink has these same qualities. While it is not the color of the sky, unless it happens to show up in the sunset, it is still a light color that instantly makes our day a little brighter.
While it is traditional for baby showers to be decorated in pink or baby blue depending on the sex of the baby-to-be, they are also appropriate colors because they are both peaceful and relaxing colors that promote tranquility. This also makes them perfect colors for summer weddings – especially outdoor weddings! Just picture the bridesmaids and flower girl coming down the aisle in a baby blue or pink dress. The wind is blowing just enough to catch the fabric so the guests can see it gently “kissing” the dresses – almost as if it’s a whisper of the wind. Thus, creating a beautiful prelude to the main attraction – the bride!

April 15, 2010

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