May 18, 2010

Turquoise: A True Gem of a Color

There are some colors that just make you happy and feel good. Turquoise is one of those colors. It is a mixture of blue and green, and sometimes has a yellowish tint to it as well. Turquoise got its name after the gem, Turquoise. Turquoise, the gem, has a long history dating back long before the birth of Christ. The Egyptians from the First Dynasty mined the stone from the Sinai Peninsula. It was also discovered by the Persians, in the area now known as Iran. As many know, Turquoise is heavily mined in the United States today. It is prevalent in many southern states including Arizona, Nevada and California. This beautiful gem is used primarily for jewelry and other fashion products.
The color Turquoise is just as beautiful as the gem and is also primarily used in fashion. However, it can also be used as an accent color in home décor as well. When one sees the shimmering blue-green color known as turquoise, it is hard to take your eyes off of it. The color has a tendency to make us feel happier and uplifted. Perhaps, this is why it is a popular choice for summer weddings. Retailers such as sell many turquoise flower girl dresses every spring and summer. The color is just fun, happy and uplifting – truly making it a gem of a color!

Wedding colors: The Soothing Shade of Sage

Think of the color sage as a laid back shade of green. The color green is a bright color that symbolizes life and energy. Sage is just a mellower version of that. While it does still represent life and energy because it is a shade of green, the color sage is a very peaceful and relaxing color. It is a popular choice for bedrooms, sitting rooms and bathrooms for this reason. Day Spas also incorporate sage into their décor. The color just has a way of promoting tranquility and it is hard not to feel rejuvenated after spending a few quite moments surrounded by the soothing color sage.
While sage is great for relaxing, it is also a great choice for summer weddings, outdoor dinner parties and other summer events. The color is very soothing and, when used appropriately, can also be used to transmit feelings of love and commitment. Brides who choose to use sage as one of their wedding colors often feel more relaxed throughout the course of their big day. Likewise, hosts of outdoor dinner parties or other summer events can use the color sage as a way to neutralize the environment, creating a peaceful atmosphere where every guest feels relaxed and at home. If you are planning an event and are in need of a color with soothing qualities, then sage is a perfect choice!

The Shades of Spring: Purple, Lilac and Lavender

 After four months of winter, everyone is ready for the summer weather to arrive. The first hints that winter is lifting begins in the spring when the grass begins to turn green, the trees bud out and the birds begin to sing. Then the flowers begin to bloom and color is everywhere! When this happens, it’s nature’s signal to the world that winter is over and spring is officially here! Everywhere you look in the months of April and May are full of colors such as yellow, pink and white. However, we also see the magical colors of purple, lilac and lavender!

Purple, lilac and lavender are very uplifting colors that are used in so many ways. While each color is a shade of purple, they each bring their own essence to their environments. Purple is by far the darkest color of the three and is associated with royalty and ambition. Because it is darker, it is a warmer color. Lilac is a shade lighter than purple and therefore, is a cooler color. Because it is a shade between purple and lavender, it has more flexibility in how it is used. Lavender is the coolest of the three colors and is primarily used in the summer months when decorating. It is important to realize that all three colors compliment the others and can be used together, as well. Many spring and summer weddings use one of the above colors as an accent color. Everyone looks good in purple, lilac or lavender, and these colors are excellent for bringing the springtime beauty indoors for a romantic wedding!

The Romance of Red

All around the world the color red symbolizes love and romance. Every year on Valentine’s Day love is celebrated, and the color red takes center stage. Whether it’s a red box of chocolates, a red Valentine’s Day card, red wrapping paper or a red rose – on that day, red is everywhere! Perhaps, Valentine’s Day is the reason red is so commonly associated with love? Whatever the reason, red is the appropriate color to symbolize love. It is bold, beautiful, expressive, fun, mysterious, sexy and all the things that are necessary for love to take hold.

Because red is such a romantic and sexy color, it is used in a variety of ways. All realms of the fashion industry love the color. You don’t have to look very far to see sweaters, dresses, skirts, shoes, purses, coats and jewelry in the color red. One of the most common uses for the color red is in the lingerie industry. Red is mysterious and sexy, thus, the perfect color for panties, bras and negligees. Another glamorous place for red is at weddings! What better place for it then where love is already in the air? Many wedding dresses are designed with red as an accent color. Bridesmaids and flower girls also look stunning in red dresses. Whenever you need a spark of romance, go with red – it will not disappoint!

Wedding Color: The Elegance of Black

Black is a very symbolic color that can be used to portray a wide variety of emotions and personal styles. One of the most common ways the color black is used to depict a particular emotion is when a funeral takes place. Black is the universal color of death and grief, and therefore, is appropriately worn for these occasions. It is also associated with evil, Halloween and everything scary. The above instances have given the color black a bad reputation. However, black can mean a wide variety of other things as well.

What do you think of when you see a black Lexus or Mercedes cruising down the street? Money, power and prestige are also displayed through the color black. However, one of the best qualities that the color black has tied to it is formality and elegance. Just look at a few black and white prints at an art gallery, or go and watch the symphony perform.
Weddings are another place where black can embrace its elegant heritage! When black is used as an accent color by way of tuxedos, flowers and even a flower girl dressed in black, it can create an atmosphere of elegance used to set the stage for the beautiful bride all dressed in white. So, next time you think about the color black, don’t just limit your thoughts to all the dark things associated with it. Instead, open your mind to explore a world of power, prestige and pure elegance!

The Colors of Fall

Fall is such a beautiful time of year. It occurs in late September through the month of October and can even stretch into the beginning of November. Every year at this time, the countryside transforms into a beautiful landscape with shades of yellow, gold, orange and brown – all of different degrees and hues. These colors mix together to create a shimmering sea of gorgeous color that can take on many forms. Sometimes it appears to be a beautiful translucent sunset while others appear to be a fiery color with hints of yellow and gold. Regardless of how the colors come together, fall is without-a-doubt one of the most beautiful times of the year.

All the colors of fall such as yellow, gold, orange and brown have inspired many decorators around the world. The colors go so well together, regardless of whether they are decorating a bedroom or creating a fashionable gown. Many fall weddings have incorporated these colors for decorations. Not only are they beautiful colors, but they also are very warm and inviting colors. One really can’t go wrong when using these colors for a fall wedding. When bridesmaids and flower girls wear dresses in any of these shades and carry flowers combining the other colors, it creates a wedding full of color and warmth! If you love yellow, gold, orange and brown, but can’t decide between them – choose to combine them all for a gorgeous and unforgettable fall wedding theme!

The Brilliance of Fuchsia

The world is full of color. Everywhere you look you see color of some kind, and each color, whether you realize it or not, invokes some type of thought or emotion within you. For example, have you ever wondered what it is about the color yellow that makes you wish it was springtime? Or, why does the color white bring thoughts of summer weddings? Colors do not just spark various thoughts within us, but also emotions. For instance, red can make us feel loved, while gray can make us feel down in the dumps.
Since colors have the power to spark immediate emotions within us, it isn’t any wonder that within seconds of looking at a particular color we instantly make a determination as to whether or not we like it. However, there are some colors out there that are unique and give us pause. Fuchsia is such a color. Think of a beautiful fuchsia flower girl dress.  It is neither pink nor purple, but a brilliant combination of the two. People who dislike pink, purple or both have been known to fall in love with fuchsia. It’s a stunning color that is both bold and mellow, and leaves its audience entranced with its brilliance. You can make any occasion both stunning and beautiful just by adding small accents of the color fuchsia!

Silver: A Timeless Color

Silver is a sleek and cool color that originated after the precious metal, Silver, was discovered. Silver is used for many things and therefore, has many meanings and emotions associated with it. The most common thing that Silver is associated with is wealth. Silver has long been used for monetary purposes. Just look at the coins that have been made from it by Americans: Quarters, Nickels and Dimes – not to mention all of the collectible coins also made from Silver. Another reason wealth is associated with Silver is because in previous centuries it was customary to display one’s wealth by holding fancy dinners where the family’s finest dishes, often silver, were used. This is still practiced today among the wealthy.
The metal Silver is a hardy mineral and has been proven to stand the test of time. Likewise, the color Silver has became a timeless color that is used to depict the same. For instance, one of the biggest milestones in marriage is celebrated with the color Silver. This is the 25th wedding anniversary. For this reason, many weddings include the color Silver as an accent color. Every marriage is a time of celebration, and every couple who walks down the aisle does so with the hopes of one day celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. Silver is truly a timeless color that will enhance any event.

Why a White Flower Girl Dress

Everyone knows the opposite of black is white. This is true in every sense. Black is not just the darkest color, but is also associated with evil. White is the lightest color, some even describe it as the absence of color, and it is associated with everything good and pure. Black has a tendency to bring negative thoughts, while white brings out positive thoughts. White is also a very religious color. Because it is used to promote goodness, purity and innocence, it is used for many religious ceremonies. For instance, infant dedication and baptismal gowns are traditionally white to represent the child’s innocence and purity. White is also worn for the First Communion ceremony performed by Catholics. White is also the ultimate choice for a flower girl dress.

While the color white depicts innocence, purity and goodness, it is also known for symbolizing virginity. Perhaps the most celebrated tradition, which also has religious roots, is represented with the color white. While there are many traditions associated with weddings, the most well-known tradition is that the bride wears a beautiful white gown. The reason behind this tradition is that the bride is celebrating the fact that she has remained pure and innocent for her husband-to-be. It is now becoming quite popular for the flower girl to wear a white dress that is close to the same style as the bride’s gown. While many think white is a boring color, it is one with a lot of history and meaning. Think of a perfect white flower girl dress.

Ivory: Understated Elegance

Ivory is a color that is closely associated with white, however, it should be considered its own unique color. While from a distance, Ivory can be mistaken for white, however it is a completely different color upon closer inspection. Ivory is not as bright as white because it has more neutral, earthy tones than white does. Ivory represents much of the same things that the color white does. These include softness, pureness and cleanliness, but the difference is that ivory does so in a much warmer and elegant way. The earthy and neutral tones within the color ivory make it a calming color.

It is becoming very popular for brides to wear beautiful gowns of ivory instead of white. This also carries over to their flowers, invitations and wedding décor. The reason is because it has an understated elegance associated with it. It isn’t as bright as white, and therefore, it isn’t quite as bold – it has almost a creamy look to it that appears to be very elegant. If you are looking for a color to compliment another color that is more elegant than white, then ivory is what you’re looking for. Ivory works well with a variety of colors including orange, brown, turquoise and sage.

Everyone Loves a Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose is one of those colors that people find hard not to like. It is a muted shade of pink, and actually brings to mind a pink rose that was caught in an Oklahoma dirt storm. This is because while it is pink, it also has a tint of brown to it. While that combination may sound ugly, it is actually quite pleasing on the eyes. The actual color pink has a very calming and soothing energy about it. Now, hot pink has the tendency to make us want to be more active, which actually promotes boosting our energy levels. However, hot pink is still soothing because it brings us happy and positive thoughts. The color Dusty Rose does not boost our energy levels like hot pink, but instead the neutral brown tones found within it cause us to feel very relaxed and calm.

The calm and relaxed feelings that Dusty Rose brings, are often times very welcomed in a world as busy and stressful as ours. The color is perfect for redecorating a room in your home or even for weddings. When guests see a ring bearer and flower girl sporting the color Dusty Rose, they immediately settle into a tranquil state of mind – the perfect mindset for a wedding. Everyone loves to take time and relax therefore, everyone loves Dusty Rose!

Champagne: A Color of Luxury

The color Champagne has been around since the early 1900s. This unique color can have tints of yellow, and sometimes orange, but is most commonly a close resemblance to the color Beige. As many know, Champagne is not just a color, but also a sparkling wine known for the bubbles found within it. This spirited drink was the inspiration for the color Champagne. As with the color, there are several different shades associated with the drink as well. To understand the importance of the color Champagne, you need to look at the history behind its namesake.

Champagne has been in existence since the 5th century and was given the name because it derived from the Champagne region of France. The producers of Champagne worked very hard to ensure that it would be a historic wine associated luxury and nobility. Due to their diligence, this is the reputation associated with Champagne. French kings and other European royalty used Champagne for important events which contributed to the wine’s fame. Champagne has been passed through many centuries as a drink reserved for the most noble and luxurious occasions.
The color Champagne was created in honor of the drink in 1915. For this reason, the color is worn for special occasions such as weddings, soirees and other notable events. Champagne is a beautiful color that easily adds a touch of luxury to its surrounding environment.