July 1, 2011

Cool Wedding Ideas

Dear Valued Customer,

As our Independence Day is quickly approaching and the weather is getting hotter and hotter, we thought it would be appropriate to give brides-to-be a few “cool” and unconventional wedding ideas. While, the majority of brides plan a traditional wedding full of beautiful dresses and decorations in a church, there are many women out there who like to do things a little different. So, keep reading below to get a few new, unconventional and cool ideas for your upcoming wedding.

1.      Skip Town…or the Country. For brides and grooms who are adventurous and don’t feel obligated to have a traditional ceremony with all of their family, friends and third-removed cousins present, planning a destination wedding is an awesome thing to do. You can make it exciting by inviting only a few of your closest family and friends, telling them only that they will need “x” amount of dollars and their bags packed on a specific day. Then, meet at the airport with the airline tickets revealing your destination. If you can pull it off and have family and friends who enjoy surprises, this is definitely a cool wedding idea!
2.      Take Dancing Lessons and Surprise Your Guests. Okay, so maybe you aren’t up for the whole destination wedding thing, but love the idea of doing something unusual at your wedding for your guests. The answer is to give them a little entertainment. Consider taking dancing lessons and learning a dance to a song you both love and perform for your guests. Perhaps you’ve heard of the London couple who did this at their 2005 wedding. They danced to “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing, and became famous as a result. Even if you don’t become an internet (and worldwide) sensation, this is definitely a fun and cool thing to do!
3.      Plan a Themed Wedding. The fun thing about a themed wedding is that it gives the wedding guests a little insight into the interests of the bride and groom. A few examples of themed weddings include a medieval wedding, pirate wedding, western wedding, royal wedding, fairytale wedding, etc… The theme can be carried from the wedding into the reception by way of music, decorations, food and bridal party attire. This type of wedding makes a very fun environment that creates lasting memories for everyone who attends.

Above are just three unique ways for making your wedding one of the coolest weddings your family and friends have ever been to. However, there are many more unique ideas out there. The important thing is that you plan a wedding that both you and your future spouse look forward to.

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Have a wonderful Independence Day!
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