August 16, 2011

Kids Formal - Mid August Newsletter

Dear Valued Customer,

It seems like yesterday, the summer was just getting started and now, here we are in the middle of August preparing for the fall. Although, our busy wedding season is coming to a close, there are still a number of occasions that you and your little ones may need formal wear for. Below are some of these occasions:

  • Family Portraits: Most families get together once or twice a year to take family pictures together. When it’s time for your family to take pictures, you will want everyone looking their best!
  • First Communion/Christening: There are several special religious services that require formal attire for the children participating in them. Two of the most common services are first communion and a baby’s christening.
  • Holidays: Formal dresses and suits are traditionally worn for holiday church services such as Christmas Eve, Christmas and Easter.
  • Child Beauty Pageants: Many children enjoy participating in child beauty pageants. While these are fun and exciting events, they do require special formal wear for both boys and girls. Boys will need a nice tuxedo or formal suit, whereas, girls need special dresses for the competitions.
  • School Programs: Schools are beginning to start all over the country and most schools put on a fall and spring school program. These events are special and children should dress up for them.
Above are just some of the most common occasions, aside from weddings, that require formal wear for children. However, each family is different and there may be more or less events than what is listed above for your unique family.

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