September 26, 2011

Formal Halloween Costume Ideas

In the last post you read about tips for helping you search for Halloween costumes for toddlers. If you have toddlers, or have older children now, you know how much fun they can be. Well, for those of you with slightly older kids (grade school) who enjoy being creative, you’re probably trying to help them figure out how to create a unique costume this year. Halloween is the perfect time to pull out the formal dresses, suits and/or tuxedos! Below are a few ideas to help you reuse your kids’ formal wear and create a fun and unique “formal” Halloween costume.

1.      Fairy Tale Princess: If you have a little diva on your hands, then it’s quite possible she would enjoy getting all dressed up like a real princess. Make this more fun by deciding on a specific fairy tale princess for your little one to be. For instance, if she likes Cinderella, help her find some real “glass” slippers to go with her dress. Using a real formal dress fora fairy tale princess costume is a lot better than settling for the ones at Wal-Mart and other department stores.

2.      Count Dracula: Little boys generally love theatrics and special effects, which is why some enjoy vampires and the tale of Count Dracula. Well, if your son has been in a wedding recently and has a tuxedo hanging up in the closet, get it out, buy some make up and vampire teeth and help transform your angel into Count Dracula!

3.      Gangster/Mob Boss: A lot of older boys spend time reading comic books (or watching the recreations at the movies) and a lot of the characters in comic books are gangsters or involve the mob. As you know, these villains are generally well dressed and wear suits, ties, hats and dress shoes. So, break out the suit in the closet, find a tie and matching hat with some fancy shoes…and don’t forget the (fake) machine gun!

September 24, 2011

Tips for Picking Out Toddler Halloween Costumes

Believe it or not, it’s almost Halloween again! Seems like it was just last week we were out trying to find the perfect costume for my then 2 ½ year old. This year things are a little different as my son is almost 4 and full of opinions. If you are also about to begin shopping for toddler Halloween costumes, below are a few tips you may find handy (I know I did).

1.    Be Flexible – After spending three years picking out clothes for our kids, it’s hard to get away from this habit and let them pick out their own clothes. This goes for Halloween costumes too. I would love to see my son in something fun, cute and unique, but my son has different ideas. He wants to be either a fireman or Woody from Toy Story…like so many other little boys want. I just have to keep reminding myself that this is my toddler’s Halloween costume (not mine) so I need to be flexible and just “go with the flow’ here as it will make his Halloween more fun and memorable for him.

2.    Be Smart – While it’s important to be flexible and let your little one have a say in what he wants to be for Halloween, you should still be smart when helping him choose a costume. By this I mean, you should carefully examine (or read if shopping online) the costume to make sure there aren’t any small pieces that could be harmful to your toddler.

3.    Be Thrifty – The great thing about toddlers is that they aren’t old enough to care about how much something costs. All they care about is that they get to dress up in a costume that they picked out! So, be thrifty! There’s nothing wrong with using a former costume that a friend’s child previously used if that’s what your little one wants to be. You can also find great deals by shopping online or at thrift stores too.

4.    Have Fun – Finally, try not to get too stressed out about the toddler Halloween costume shopping experience. Try to remember how exciting it was for you when you were little and shopping for Halloween costumes. Just relax, have fun and enjoy this time with your toddler!

September 15, 2011

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September 2, 2011

Kids Formal Newsletter - September 1, 2011

Dear Valued Customer

The long, hot months of summer are finally coming to an end and Fall is right around the corner. As always, things are busy around the shop as we prepare for this exciting season. We have a variety of new formal wear designs for you to browse and, as always, our prices are still extremely affordable. In fact, right now we are still running our free shipping sale, which means you will receive free shipping on any order you place – no matter how much it is!

You may have signed up to receive our newsletter because you are beginning to plan a wedding or special event of your own and liked what you’ve seen on our website. However, you may still be a little skeptical about whether or not we are a reputable company and if our products really are as high-quality as we claim that they are. This is perfectly understandable as many people get scammed by so-called “professional” online businesses every year.

We can assure we are not those business owners, and many of our previous customers have verified this in the testimonials they’ve left on our website. Below are just a few of these testimonials for you to review. If you would like to read more, please visit our testimonial page on our website.

'My daughter was recently married and my little granddaughter -18 months- was the flower girl. After searching locally for a dress, and only finding 'miniature wedding gowns', we turned to the internet and found you. We ordered a dress and were thrilled when it arrived! It fit perfectly, the fabric was gorgeous and the style of the dress was great! My granddaughter looked precious and the wedding was fabulous.

Thank you for making this so much less stressful for all of us! I will be ordering from you again. Have a great 2011.'

Barbara Marlowe from Colorado Springs, CO

'BEAUTIFUL!!! What else can I say. The quality of the dress is unmatched by the dresses at David's Bridal. The feel of the fabric is high quality that is for sure. Thanks so much for getting it to us so quickly. The packing was great as well with hanger and garment bag. My daughter loves it as well as her mommy.'

Thanks, Lori C. from Pickerington, OH.

Searching for suits for the boys I came across an online store, I shop online all the time but stick to vendors with storefronts. This time, however, I took a chance because the pictures looked good and the price at was right. I ordered 2 suits from them and the quality is pretty incredible. (My mother agrees.) Plus, the customer service is the best I've encountered anywhere ever. They deserve this publicity: If you are stuck for time and need nice stuff quick, is awesome. I'm never going into a store for the boys' dress-up gear again.'

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