November 15, 2011

Kids Formal - Newsletter Nov, 15, 2011

Dear Valued Customer,

Can you believe it’s already that time again…the middle of the month, and now we’re smack dab in the middle of November! As you know, Kids Formal is the number one leader of fine children’s clothing. If you didn’t believe this then you wouldn’t be receiving our newsletter, right?

Since our business is to provide parents with the best quality clothing for their children, we know how quickly children grow and how expensive it can be to keep kids in clothing that fit. Therefore, we understand the importance of getting the most “bang” for your buck when it comes to children’s clothing. This is why the clothing you find at Kids Formal is always reasonably priced and we constantly offer coupons and special promotions through our Facebook page, Twitter and newsletters.

We also understand that finding great prices on your kids clothing and taking advantage of special coupons is not the only way parents can save on their kids’ clothing. Another useful strategy for parents with multiple children (especially those with two or more of the same sex) is to save and reuse clothing. If you save your kids’ clothing then you know that the real dilemma isn’t boxing them up and saving them. It’s remembering where those boxes are and what’s in them when you need them that’s the problem! Below are a couple of tips to help you solve this problem.

1.    Have a Designated Place for Saved Clothing. A lot of parents purchase special plastic totes or containers for their children’s clothing and store in a designated corner of the attic. This makes it easy to remember where all of your kids’ previously worn clothes are at and you can go straight to them.

2.    Establish a “First Glance” System. Another tip many parents have found useful is to establish a “first glance” system where they instantly know what sizes of clothing are in each container just by looking at them once. One way to do this is to put all clothes in a specific age group (0-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 2T, etc.) all in the same colored totes and group them together. This will allow you to go straight to the group of totes with the size of clothing you’re looking for.

3.    Take Inventory. Once you have figured out a way to determine exactly what sizes of clothes are in each tote, take the time to take inventory of all the items in a tote once you’ve packed it. For instance, write down things like: Boys/Girls: long sleeve shirts, jeans, jackets, pajamas, etc. on an index card so you can keep track of the items that are in each tote. This will save you the time of digging through totes looking for specific items.

4.    Move ‘Em Out!  Finally, if you are finished having children or an item of clothing has been completely worn out, don’t be afraid to get rid of the clothes. There are a lot of places that take used clothing to help struggling families. Also, if you have a friend with a child younger than your youngest, ask her if she would like some extra clothes. Many people with young children love hand-me-downs, if only for “play” clothes! Getting rid of the kids’ clothing that you no longer need will free up a lot of space in your attic and make it easier for you to find the clothing you still need.

Storing and reusing children’s clothing is an excellent way to save money on clothing every year. However, when you aren’t organized (many of us struggle here), it is possible to spend more money than you need to because you aren’t able to find what you need when you need it. The tips above will help you eliminate this problem.
We hope that you have found today’s newsletter helpful and that you will continue shopping at Kids Formal when you are in need new children’s formalwear. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns as we are here to help you!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Your Friends at Kids Formal

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