January 31, 2012

Kids Formal Newsletter - Feb 1, 2012

Dear Valued Customer,

At KidsFormal.com, we sincerely hope you have had a wonderful January, 2012! We have certainly been busy here at the “home base” getting things ready for spring to ensure you and your little ones have a great selection of formal wear to choose from in 2012. Below are some of the new items we already have available.

This beautiful knee-length dress is perfect for any spring function whether it’s Easter Sunday or a spring wedding! The pleated bodice features beautiful beadwork on each row while the straps come with a detachable bow for extra charm! Finally, the skirt is tulle, making it light and breezy…the perfect look for spring formal events. The dress is available in white, ivory and pink.

This dress has a slightly more formal look to it than the one featured above, but it’s another dress that’s perfect for this spring. The dress is sleeveless and features a scoop-neck bodice that draws the eye to the elegantly bow-accented sequined waistline. From the sequined detail at the waist, the satin dress flows down to just below the knees. It’s the sequins at the waist that give this dress the touch of elegance. The dress is available in navy blue and red, making it a perfect spring choice!

Finally, this spring dress is one that is not only fun to look at but a delight for little ones to wear! The bodice features lace detail, which works to bring out the organza bow directly beneath the bodice. From the beautiful organza bow, the dress flows out into a stunningly, fun skirt! The skirt contains two layers of shimmering organza, but the fun part is the frilled edges featured on the outer layer. Your little one will love wearing this dress this spring. The dress is available in white and ivory only.

January 23, 2012

Tips for Improving a Mood Swings in Children

One of the most frustrating things parents deal with is the constantly fluctuating moods exhibited by their children. Isn’t it amazing how your toddler can go from happily chattering to an all-out temper tantrum the minute you say something he or she finds disagreeable? While you may be doing everything you can think of to ward off these sudden mood changes, there may be one or two additional things you can try. Below is a short list of tips to help mood swings in children.

1.    Make Sure They Get Plenty of Sleep. As adults, many of us have gotten used to not getting a full 8 hours of sleep every night. While this isn’t advisable for adults, it’s highly discouraged for children. Children of all ages need adequate amounts of sleep (“adequate” is different for all kids) and when they don’t get it, it can result in off-the-chart temper tantrums. Some toddlers may require an additional nap during the day too. And, don’t make the mistake of believing that your kids only need extra sleep for special occasions…this should be an “everyday thing.”

2.    Meals and Snacks are Important. Food is the fuel for our bodies and when we don’t get it, we naturally get tired and cranky. These symptoms are often even more pronounced in children. Therefore, make sure you are feeding your children three balanced meals a day with at least one snack between each meal.

3.    Allow Plenty of Time to Wake Up. While there will be times when you are running late and have to wake your child up and leave within 10 minutes, this isn’t a good habit to get into daily. Make sure you allow plenty of time for your child to wake up before you have to leave. Nobody likes to be rushed first thing in the morning.

4.    Decrease TV Time. While the television is a great babysitter, it can cause kids to become a bit lazy and take away from the time available for “exercise.” Exercising is necessary to help kids stay in shape and feel good throughout the day. Believe it or not, exercise energizes the body. Therefore, reduce the amount of time your kids spend in front of the television and increase the time they spend outside playing!

Tips for Finding a Prom Dress

Two of the most important dates of a high school girl’s life are the two high school proms she gets to attend. These formal balls are often the highlight of the entire school year for high school girls. Many hours can be spent thinking about who their dates might be, where they will go to dinner, and most importantly, what their dresses will look like. Everyone knows that for a girl’s prom to be enjoyable, she has to feel beautiful, which means she has to find the perfect dress. Below are a few tips for finding a prom dress that you love and is within your budget.

1.    Make Your Own. Of course, this is only if you enjoy designing clothes and are skilled enough to sew your gown together correctly. If you do, the sky is the limit for what your dress can look like. You will have the ability to pick out the fabric(s) and patterns you want and can create your own unique style, for much less than you would be able to purchase it for in stores.

2.    Shop In Advance. Most stores hold sales several times a year, but right around prom time isn’t one of them. Why? They know this is when girls have to buy dresses, so they keep the prices high. Therefore, shop dress sales in advance and find the one you love while it’s on sale! Who cares if you bought it right after prom last year?

3.    Shop Online. Finally, if you know what size of dress you wear and the styles that flatter you best, why not shop online for your prom dress? You can find a wide variety of prom dresses online for a fraction of the cost as those found in local stores. Especially, when they are made just as well and look just as nice as those found locally? 

January 18, 2012

Winter Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

If you have been keeping up with our blog, then you saw the blog post we did about winter birthday party ideas for girls. Obviously, we know girls are not the only ones who have birthdays in the wintertime. Therefore, we’ve brought you a few winter birthday party ideas for boys below.

Boys are different than girls are and require different things for them to have fun. Boys are generally more rambunctious and have more energy to burn off than girls do. Therefore, having a winter birthday party can be difficult for parents with boys. Below are a few ideas to help you get a winter birthday party planned for your little man.

1.    Pool Party – Yes, it’s possible to have a pool party for boys during the wintertime. Most communities have a rec center that has an indoor pool available year around. If you live in a small town, then check with the larger city you live close to. Winter pool parties are a lot of fun for boys and provide a great way for them to burn off extra energy.

2.    Laser Tag – If you have ever spend much time watching little boys play, they learn at a young age how to play cops and robbers, which always leads to playfully shooting at each other with fake guns. Laser tag is an excellent birthday party idea for boys who enjoy these types of games and have winter birthdays. It’s also perfect for large groups as laser tag centers are big enough for a lot of people and the more people that play, the more fun it is.

3.    Pizza/Arcade Party – You’ve probably heard of places like Chucky Cheese’s and Incredible Pizza. These are also excellent locations for wintertime birthday parties for boys. Why? They have everything you need for the perfect party under one roof. You’ve got food (pizza and other similar items) as well as loads of entertainment. Not only are there arcade games, but often times these places will have bowling, miniature golf, go-carts and more.

Above are just a few ideas for winter birthday parties for boys. There are many more. For instance, if you have a young son and are close to a metropolitan area that has a Children’s Museum, you can easily take a small group of boys there. All you have to do is look at the communities surrounding you to get some great ideas for wintertime birthday party venues. You can also ask some of your friends where they’ve taken their kids for winter birthdays to get additional ideas as well.

Wintertime Birthday Ideas brought to you by Kids Formal -  Fine Children's Formal Wear Since 1988.

January 16, 2012

Kids Formal Newsletter - Jan 16, 2012

Dear Valued Customer,

Hopefully you have had a good New Year so far and are enjoying all that winter has to bring you and your family. For many people, this time of year is when they are able to catch a break as the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has just came to an end. It’s the time of year when you are able to slow down and breathe again before things begin to pick back up again.

At KidsFormal.com, this is the time of year when we begin restocking our inventory with new dresses, shoes, suits, etc. so your little ones can wear the latest styles this coming spring. We also help future brides make selections for their young flower girls and ring bearers as they prepare for their upcoming wedding ceremonies.

While choosing young ring bearer suits the main thing you really need to know is what style you are looking for. Most little boys don’t care one way or another about the suit they are wearing. However, if you have shopped with little girls before, you know that they care about their attire. Regardless of what occasion you are shopping for, the tips below should help you and the young girl you’re shopping with find a dress you both like.

1.    Color – If you are planning a wedding, then you most likely already have a color in mind. However, if you are looking for a spring dress, Easter dress, or another type of formal dress then you have a wider variety of colors to look at. If your little girl likes certain colors more than others, try to limit the dresses you have her try on to those in her preferred colors.

2.    Length – Before you start picking out dresses, consider the event that the dress will be worn to and choose an appropriate length. This will help you minimize the number of dresses your little one tries on – and make your decision easier.

3.    Comfort – Finally, as your little one tries on formal dresses, it’s important that you eliminate the dresses that she dislikes and finds uncomfortable. You want your little girl to enjoy her new dress just as much as you do when she wears it. Therefore, help her pick a dress that she loves and is comfortable in!

If you haven’t checked the KidsFormal.com website in a while, then please do so. We have several new styles of dresses on and are continuing to add more. With spring/summer coming up, there are plenty of occasions for your little ones to dress up for!


Your Friends at KidsFormal.com

January 14, 2012

Dresses for Girls in Pageants

If you have a little one who is interested in competing in a beauty pageant, and you have agreed to let her do so, then you will have to get her some girls’ pageant dresses that are appropriate for the pageant she will be competing in. Girls of all ages compete in beauty pageants, and the rules for the gowns worn vary depending on the various age divisions of those competing.

Generally, dresses for girls below the age of twelve (12) are more frilly and shorter. However, those competing in the older age divisions will be required to have a formal evening gown, which should always be floor length. Regardless of what age division your daughter falls in, there are a few tips that will help you out when choosing the right dresses for girls competing in pageants.

1.    Consider the Category/Event – Each dress purchased for a pageant should have a specific purpose in mind. For example, you don’t want to buy a gown just because you think it’s cute and will look adorable on your little one. You need to buy a dress with a specific competitive category in mind. Dresses for girls in pageants that aren’t purchased with a specific purpose (talent, evening wear, etc.) are a waste of money because they often don’t get worn.

2.    Overall Appearance – You and your daughter may love the look of mermaid gowns, but if your daughter is pear-shaped, then a ball gown is going to look much better on her. It’s important to remember that the overall appearance of the dress is much more important than the particular style. The dress should complement the natural shape of your daughter’s body. Another quick tip for older competitors is that they can easily create the illusion of an hourglass figure if they choose the right dress for their body type.

3.    Don’t Forget Color – It’s important that you choose dresses for girls in competitive pageants carefully and consider the colors. Make sure that the girls’ dresses your little one wears not only complements her skin-tone but also her hair color, nails and the season it is to be worn in.

4.    Price Doesn’t Really Matter – A common misconception that many parents new to pageants have is that the dresses for girls in pageants are always expensive. The truth is that it doesn’t matter if you buy the dress at full price or order it online for half-price, as long as it is appropriate and complements your daughter (in all aspects) it will work!

January 3, 2012

Newsletter - New Year Resolusion 2012

Dear Valued Customer,

We’re hoping that the start of 2012 has you and your loved ones happy, healthy and enjoying life! The start of a new year is always an exciting time for people everywhere. It’s the end of one year, that may have been good or bad, and the beginning of another year full of promise. The beginning of a new year is a time when many people set new goals for themselves to achieve over the course of the next year.

Perhaps you have already set a few New Year’s Resolutions for yourself? If not, you should take a moment to reflect over the past year and the achievements you reached. Also, think about the goals you had that you didn’t reach or think of new ones that you would like to accomplish this year. If you have never made any New Year’s Resolutions in the past, now is the perfect time to start! They’re fun to do and bring more purpose to you for the year to come.

In addition to writing down a few personal New Year’s Resolutions for yourself, consider getting with your family members (spouse/partner and kids) and making some family goals. This can be a great way to learn what each member of your family wants to do this year…and a way to set common goals that you can work towards together, bring your family closer together over the year. Don’t underestimate the power of New Year’s Resolutions and dismiss them as “just another silly tradition,” they can be fun and powerful tools in your life (and your family’s dynamic when done together!).

Those of us at KidsFormal have a few New Year’s Resolutions of our own, one of which is to bring you a lot of fun and exciting formal clothing styles this year that you and your kids will love. As this is the first of January, we are out of the main wedding season rush and finished with the holiday rush, but we are gearing up for the spring! It won’t be too much longer before you’ll notice our website full of new spring formalwear for both boys and girls – so be sure to keep checking our website periodically. You don’t want to miss out on the new styles (and awesome prices) that we have coming your way!

As a special “thank you,” we are running a special promotion on our website right now. When you place an order on our website, you can receive 10% off your entire order PLUS free shipping! All you have to do is enter coupon code “10plus at the time of checkout to take advantage of this deal. And, if you have been a customer of ours for long, you know that we don’t always offer 10% off an order PLUS free shipping. So, don’t miss out on this deal!

Again, we hope you and your family have had a wonderful start to 2012 and we look forward to serving you and your children this year with your formal clothing needs.


Your Friends at KidsFormal.com

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