February 26, 2012

Tips for Baby Pictures

If you have recently had a new addition to your family, then you’re probably thinking about scheduling a photography session for baby pictures. Baby pictures can be a lot of fun to do and there are tons of ways to make them adorable and memorable. Below are a few ideas to help you have a great photography session with your new bundle of joy!

1.  If Outdoors, Think about Lighting – If you are planning on having your little one photographed outdoors, then make sure you speak to the photographer about the lighting. There is a “golden” hour every day when the sunlight is best for taking pictures and your photographer will be able to tell you exactly when that is. If it’s a time when you can do the shoot, do it! You can get some amazing pictures at this time of the day.

2.  Encourage the Photographer to Try New Things - A lot of first-time parents have certain ideas in mind when they bring their newborns in to be photographed, which is fine. However, a lot of photographers are pretty creative and have a lot of great ideas that they haven’t been able to try yet. So, keep yourself open to new ideas and encourage your photographer to get creative. You never know what will work and what won’t if you don’t try!

3.  Keep the Wardrobe Simple – It’s easy to go overboard when picking out baby clothes for pictures, after all there are just so many adorable baby dresses and little suits out there. However, you won’ t have a lot of time to spend changing clothes. So, try to keep the outfits to a minimum…usually no more than two outfits is all you’ll have time for.

February 25, 2012

How to Find the Right Wedding Location

Finding the right location for your wedding is a critical decision that you have to make early-on in your planning. After all, without a location you won’t have much of a wedding, right? Before you put down a deposit for a specific location, you need to consider a few essential things.

1.    How Many Guests Are You Planning On? Although you probably haven’t made out your guest list, you should have a general idea of how many wedding guests you are going to invite. This is important when picking the right wedding location because it will eliminate the locations that accommodate the number of guests you are planning on. So, always take into consideration how many guests you will be inviting

2.    What about the Reception? The next thing you need to think about is your reception. Basically, do you want your reception to be at the same place as your wedding or do you have another location in mind just for the reception? If you know that you want the reception held at the same location as the wedding, this will limit your wedding locations even further – which can be very helpful.

3.    What is Your Budget? Finally, you need to consult with your overall wedding budget. How much money have you reserved for the wedding and reception location(s)? If you are on a tight budget, then you should call the potential locations first and ask what their fee is for hosting a wedding there. Don’t go and view the location if it’s not within your budget.

4.    Go and Tour the Location. Once you’ve narrowed down potential wedding locations down to three or four good prospects, it’s time to go tour them. Make sure you walk through each location and ask questions. This will help you determine which place is the perfect location for your wedding!

February 15, 2012

Kids Formal Feb 16, 2012 Newsletter - 10% coupon code

Dear Valued Customer,

Hopefully, you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day this year with your little ones! This is such a fun time of year for those of us at KidsFormal.com as February is the month of love with Valentine’s Day, which means we get to begin working with a number of newly engaged women who are in the beginning stages of planning their weddings!

But, the fun doesn’t just stop at weddings for us. We are also in the middle of acquiring new formalwear for your little ones to wear this spring and summer, which is just as exciting for us. We understand that you have a lot to prepare for with your little darlings in the upcoming months, which is why we are constantly adding new clothes to our many categories. Whether you’re looking for a Christening gown, pageant dress, flower girl dress, Easter dress, Communion Dress, another special occasion dress or the latest fashion accessories – we’ve got them! We’ve also got the best styles of boys’ suits, tuxedos and accessories too.

If you are new to KidsFormal.com, you are in for a surprise! Not only will you find your kids’ formalwear here, but you’ll find it at prices that can’t be beat. At least not for the quality of clothing you get. This is why our customers continue to come back to us time and time again for their children’s formalwear needs.  Additionally, if you have any questions before placing an order, we’ve got the best customer service around. Not only will our customer service representatives treat you right but they’ll also answer your questions as they are incredibly knowledgeable.

As a “thank you” for signing up for our newsletter, you will receive 10% off your next order when you enter coupon code “Extra10” at the time of checkout. This coupon is only available to you, our newsletter readers at this time – so take advantage of it! In addition, we are currently offering free shipping to all of our customers during this time through our website, so you’ll be receiving two discounts in one by placing an order now!

We hope that you are having a wonderful February so far and look forward to working with you in the future! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our clothing. Also, once you receive your order be sure to take pictures of your kids and upload them to our Facebook Fan Page before February 29th for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate!

Have a wonderful day!


Your Friends at KidsFormal.com

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

As the provider of superior formalwear for children, the staff at KidsFormal.com has had the pleasure to be involved in many weddings over the years. We’ve helped brides of all budgets complete their wedding parties’ attire and have seen a number of centerpiece ideas as a result. If you are planning a wedding and haven’t been able to decide on your centerpieces, then you might find the following ideas helpful.

1. Mirrors and Candles – One of the more budget-friendly centerpiece ideas we’ve come across is the use of both mirrors and candles to create a romantic atmosphere at the reception. Most rental companies have square mirrors (1’x1’ or 18”x18”) available. This will be the base of your centerpiece, placed in the center of the tables. Then, you will need to either rent or provide your own candelabras to place on top of the mirrors.

Now, you can have each candelabra the same for all the tables, or you can create a more vintage effect (which can be quite elegant) by placing different candelabras on each table. For instance, say on one table you have a silver candelabra that holds 4 candles. On another table, place 3 individual candle holders (all different heights) to create a different effect. One thing to consider if you choose to use different candle holders on each table is that they should at least match in color. And, spray paint is a great, affordable way to achieve the matching look/color that you desire.

2. Cakes or Cupcakes – If you are working with a limited budget and are expecting a large number of people at your wedding, then you will most likely be looking for a way to feed everyone at a reasonable price. Consider using small (feed 8-10 people) cakes in the center of each of your tables at the reception. Since these aren’t wedding cakes, they won’t be nearly as expensive, and you can save even more money if you choose to create the cake illusion by grouping several iced cupcakes together instead of actual cakes. This will allow you to purchase a smaller wedding cake and groom’s cake because all of your guests will already have cake at their tables. And, you’ll be taking care of your centerpieces at the same time!

One thing to remember if you choose to use this idea is to be mindful of the color of icing you will have the cakes/cupcakes decorated with. Young children wearing formal boys’ suits and girls’ dresses can be messy so it may be best to stay away from colors that can stain easily.

3. Flowers and Water – Finally, you can create a very elegant and romantic feel by combining flowers and water for your centerpieces. All you have to do is purchase vases of various sizes, realistic looking flowers (have a rubbery feel to them) to match your colors and glass beads for the bottom of the vases. You’ll cut and place the a flower in each of the vases, securing it with the glass beads and then fill the vases to the top with water (covering the flowers). This is a very simple and inexpensive centerpiece idea that looks amazing.
Regardless of what type of centerpiece you decide to go with, you need to consider your guests. If you are going to have a large number of children present, you may want to limit the amount of fire that you have present as it can be easy for young girls’ dresses to catch on fire…or even little boys in tuxedos. Another consideration is brightly colored food. If using food for your centerpieces, try to keep the icing colors muted to avoid staining clothing as well as mouths, especially if pictures will be taken during the reception.

February 10, 2012

2012 Wedding Dress Trends and Flower Girl Dresses

With the year just barely started, the wedding dress trends for 2012 have already been predicted by the experts interviewed on Good Morning America. If you haven’t done much research on the up-and-coming wedding dress styles, you may be a bit surprised with this year’s trendsetters.  After all, we have always had a picture in mind of what the perfect wedding dress looks like, right?
The most popular wedding dress styles this year are not your traditional wedding dress styles. You’ve been warned. Below you’ll find the new wedding dress “Do’s” for 2012 and later, we’ll discuss what this means for the flower girl dresses you choose.... 2012 Trend and Flower Girl Dresses

February 7, 2012

Engagement Picture Ideas

If you or someone you know has recently gotten engaged then the time will come (soon) for engagement pictures. In years past, many couples just took the traditional “side-by-side, holding-hands” engagement pictures. However, as with all things, we have evolved (thankfully!) and photographers are becoming bolder and are helping couples branch out and take engagement pictures that are fun, exciting and unique. Below are a few suggestions you might want to try when it comes time for your engagement pictures!

1.    Go Vintage – While you want to keep your appearance the same for these important pictures, you can have some fun with the props you have in the background! Why not incorporate a few fun vintage props to give the pictures a few unique details that won’t be found in anyone else’s pictures?

2.    Be Active – Do you and your fiance have a special activity that you love doing together? Perhaps, you met at a sporting event and have been together ever since? If you and your fiance enjoy a specific activity, then why not highlight this activity in your engagement pictures? All of your friends and family will enjoy seeing some pictures of the happy couple doing one of the many things that they have in common!

3.    Get Intimate – Why not get a little intimate for your engagement pictures? After all, you’re getting ready to tie the knot! A lot of photographers can take some pretty romantic shots of couples in the light of the setting sun hugging and kissing. You could also lay out a blanket in the park (or at the beach) and take some pictures snuggling or staring into each other eyes for a unique look as well.

Finally, if you need formal attires such as boys' tuxedos or girls' special occasion dresses for your engagement pictures, you can checkout PumpkinFormal.com.  They have formal wear of children at very reasonable prices.