March 16, 2012

Newsletter Marh 15, 2012 - Kids Formal

Dear Valued Customer,

Can you believe that March is almost over and spring is practically knocking on our door? Although this time of year reeks allergy havoc on many of us, it’s such a pretty, fun and exciting time of year. As the grass turns green and the trees and flowers begin to bloom, we automatically begin thinking about summer and all the fun we will be able to have with our family and friends. However, before you can get to all the fun spring and summer has in store for you, there are a few things you may want to do first.

1. Go Through the Closets – This is a good time to go through all the closets in your house and get rid of all the clothes that you and your kids no longer wear. A good rule of thumb is if it wasn’t worn more than once during its proper season, it needs to go.

Now, for kids it’s a bit different. They may have worn every piece of clothing in their closets, but with kids growing as fast as they do, you need to get rid of the clothes that they’ve outgrown. Take out the old and make room for the new. This also, means you need to take a look at your kids’ formalwear too. If they can’t fit into any of their dresses or suits, then it’s time for new ones!

2. Deep Clean the House – Generally, there is at least one person per household that gets sick during the winter. As spring approaches, it’s a good idea to deep clean the house to get any left-over germs out and just tidy up a bit. Does this mean you have to do it alone? Absolutely not, get everyone in the family to help out with it. After all, you aren’t the only one who lives there, right? Or, if you are stretched for time, consider hiring a professional to come out and deep-clean your house for you. This is a good time to have all of your carpets shampooed too!

3. Have a Family Meeting – Finally, schedule a family meeting to discuss what everyone’s hopes are for the summer. Get an idea of the types of activities that your kids want to do during the summer. For example, do they want to join a summer sports team, go to summer camp or just hang out with friends? What do you and your spouse want to do this summer? This meeting should make it possible that everyone in the family gets to do something they wanted to do during the summer.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed today’s newsletter and we’ve got you thinking about what you can do to prepare for summer. We would like to help you restock your children’s formalwear wardrobe this year. And, as one of our valued customers, we are currently offering you a coupon for $10 off any $100 or more order. Simply use coupon code “10off100” at checkout.


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