May 1, 2012

How to Have Fun This Weekend Without Breaking The Bank

If you haven’t already noticed, summer break is literally only a few weeks away for the majority of us. This is the time of year when we all lighten up regarding our tight schedules and lay back to have a little fun in the sun with our families. While this is something that we all need to do during the summer, it’s important that we don’t become overly relaxed regarding the summer activities we participate in. If we do, we can easily get ourselves into debt and spend the rest of the year trying to pay it off. Below are a few tips to help you have fun this summer without breaking the bank.

1.    Don’t Buy Clothes at Full Price. Restocking the kids’ closets with clothing that fits is something we all have to do as we prepare for summer. Kids just grow to dang fast! It’s amazing how quickly the bill for clothing can add up if we aren’t careful. Therefore, try something a little different this year as you and your kids begin your summer clothes shopping. Make a game out of who can get the most clothing for the least amount of money. You and your kids can shop online by using online coupon codes, shop at your favorite stores when their having sales or even hit the thrift stores and garage sales! There are many ways to save money on clothes, and the more you save on clothes, the more money to spend on other things!

2.    Attend Free Fairs and Other Events. Many communities host a number of free fairs and other events during the summer months to increase the community involvement. Don’t pass the opportunity to take part in these events. Even if the event is only for a day, that’s one day of free entertainment that you and your family can enjoy together!

3.    Car Pool. If you and your family have to drive a good distance in order to get to the nearest water/amusement park, zoo, aquarium, etc. then save some money in gas by getting a group of your friends with kids together who also want to go. You can take turns car-pooling to various attractions in order to save money in gas. In addition, you and the kids will probably have more fun when you invite some friends along!

4.    Pay for Camps in Full. If you plan on sending your kids to a summer camp or two, most camps offer a discount for those who pay in full. For example, my community offers several art and science camps for kids ages 4-12. If the total tuition is paid in full by May 25th, then I will receive a 20% discount. My son will be attending three of these camps, and the total amount of money I’ll save by paying in full is $57.00! So, take advantage of these offers when they’re available!

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